Saturday, January 26, 2008

The 2008 Stanford 20 20

Stanford 20 20 cricket matches start today and i have my tickets ready. "Who will rise" is the slogan and i am sure that there are many teams from all over the Caribbean basin ready to win the tournament and some big $$. I am gonna try to take some high res photos of the cricket down here and will show some here and on my flickr page. Today is one of four Stanford Pro teams, St. Lucia, up against the Cayman Islands.
Click here for a slide show of some photos from the 2006 Stanford 20 20.

For more info on the worlds most exciting cricket tournament being held here in Antigua over the next month or so you can goto

I think cricket is generally very boring, but i think that stanford 20 20 is the most exciting thing to see off the water while you are in the caribbean.
This photo shows Tony, the eco tour skipper, as excited as you will ever see him just after Guyana won the final match. Guyana is where Tony originally came from years and years ago. They are the current champs.