Saturday, March 13, 2010

less than five weeks before Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta!

This year the boat the Adventure Antigua team won the Traditional Class with is going to be used by Todd, the man who commissioned "Ocean Nomad" originally. As you know we took over his project and finished the boat, and use it for day and private charters here in Antigua. He is going to come up for the regatta and try to make it a second win for the boat. That may not be so easy though as this year we will be entering our brand new boat "Zemi", and the Adventure Antigua team will be hoping to take home the trophy.
Zemi has never sailed even though she was launched recently for the first time in Carriacou where she was traditionally built by the same local shipwirights that built Ocean Nomad. The mast is being built next week and hopefully we will sail her back to Antigua before the end of the month. JD and Tony don't know it, but they are going to be doing quite a bit of sailing soon! Here is a video we did of us winning last year on Ocean Nomad and at the bottom there is a video of Zemi being finished up and finally being launched.