Wednesday, March 04, 2009

blue skies and warm winds

With the madness that is going on here just the week before the the huge general election coupled with the madness still going on with the Stanford saga it's easy to forget how beautiful it is here in Antigua. We all take so much for granted at times like this, and it's important to step back and look around us. The amazing weather we are having at the moment should help you see that despite everything life still is beautiful here on the island. I think it's important to do that just for a short while each day. So many people at the moment are emotionally charged in this politically crazy time that they lose track of what is really important. Each day i get asked who i am voting for and I have such a hard time deciding myself that i don't know what to tell them. I think I will have to make up my mind soon. We have to vote next week! I think i will do some thinking at the beach this weekend!