Monday, October 16, 2006

days off

Ok so i didn't post yesterday as we were off island visiting one of Antigua's sisters again. Our independent country is actually called Antigua and Barbuda but we also have another large island that belongs to us which is called Redonda. It’s not mentioned much because at the moment it is uninhabited and will probably stay that way for years to come. Picture the lost island from KING CONG without any nice lush rainforest and that is Redonda. Desperately rugged and uninviting, this island is perfect for nature lovers and adventurers. We went the day before to take a pro photographer and my crew was so interested that we decided to go again for more fishing and exploring. The water was GIN clear and fishing was excellent. We ended up with 4 wahoo a.k.a. ONO and two tuna before we went snorkeling. The snorkeling below these massive jagged rocks was pretty spooky but we met up with 3 Hawksbill turtles and 1 green turtle as well as many other colorful neighbors. It is a true nature/adventure lover’s paradise and i am sure that one day it will be seen as an important part of our country. The pics show the crew waiting for one last wahoo to bite (which we are having for dinner tonight) and also us 7 miles off and approaching the island of Redonda.