Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some videos on Marine Protected Areas

In Antigua and Barbuda our government has created several MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). Click here to read more about what MPAs are.
Although we have MPAs on paper here, not much has been done by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to make these "protected" in any way. I go around Antigua and Barbuda by boat every week and I have not seen anything suggesting that we have a MPA other than moorings that have recently been set in sandy areas within NEMMA. NEMMA is the an amazing "paper" MPA here in Antigua which could be an example to the rest of the Caribbean and notable world wide, but the Government here have failed to go from the paper side of the park to the reality of a managed Marine Protected Area. It is my feeling that they don't see the real connection between a properly managed MPA and a healthy fishery, a healthy tourism plant and by extension a healthy economy. Enough about our NEMMA and other MPAs here. Enjoy the videos showing other MPAs.
This TED talk on MPAs is an interesting one. Click here if you would like more info on the talk after you check the video.

An interesting video about how a politician took action to help create an MPA:

A long but interesting video on how MPAs work:

A video showing a properly managed MPA funded by some of the same money our NEMMA received. St. Vincent and Grenadines:

The famous Chagos MPA. Click here for more info: