Thursday, December 03, 2020

SloMo Waves will relax anyone.

It's been a while but i will start blogging again. My love for writing and how much value it's added to my life and i am told to other's lives as well has gotta be rekindled. 

Yesterday I was invited by the guys at the TourismAuthority to take part in a virtual day in Antigua. Check it out here.

My piece where i give a mini tour of the islands, starts at about 21 minutes in. Anyway, while waiting for my part to start, i anchored our utility boat "POSITIVE" right next to the beach on one of the tiny offshore islands. While there i took this video as it was just such a peaceful and beautiful setting. I hope you enjoy it nearly as much as i did. Remember to follow our @adventureantigua instagram profile as well as the same on facebook