Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Scientists declare Dolphins 2nd smartest life form

Last night I finally had a chance to see the internationally famous and award winning movie The Cove which documents Japans position on whaling and specifically on the incredible slaughter of 23,000 dolphins a year in hidden cove. It was excellent and you should try to get a copy online here.
Of course Antigua is mentioned in terrible light because of it's support for Japanese whaling. My dad was even interviewed since he was the International Whaling Commission representative prior to Japan's blood money being given to our country. READ HERE. Of course Antigua isn't alone, but it's terribly sad to know that our leaders can be so ignorant. Anyway, today scientists were quoted in the BBC article as saying that new research suggests that Dolphins are way smarter than they had thought and should be treated as "non-human persons".  READ HERE
Keep in mind that when you go to a dolphin park to swim with these non human persons you are not only doing something questionable, but you are helping the slaughter of thousands of other dolphins in Japan. Want to know why? See the film.