Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jill a.k.a. "mom"

Mom has been working with my company since about May of 2005 I think. I needed someone to help me with my office since it was starting to be too much for me and my sister Nell to handle. At first we thought it would be a part time job with a little work doing book keeping and filing, but it quickly became so much more. Our Tax structure was simple back then. The "new government" has decided to implement all kinds of new tax systems and everything has become more complicated. Without my mom's help I am sure that it would be total chaos in the office. Apart from organizing the office and the "office work" side of things, mom also takes calls and answers emails from time to time when either Nell or I can't. She reminds me that this is not in her job description and that I am gonna have to give her a raise. Its coming mom!!! A massive one:)
She is very organized and has helped me keep track of the many Tour Operators and Hotels that practice "alternative payment" systems. Sometimes we wait for payment for up to 8 weeks and my mom is there with everything on paper and on the computer. It's not easy to keep track of and without her the "serious stuff" behind the scenes would be in trouble. I love the way things are done "properly now". I am bad at collecting money and I don't usually worry too much about a dollar here or a dollar there. Mom counts every cent and pays every cent owed, but also as importantly collects every cent owed to us. Little businesses starting up and being run by one person can suffer greatly in terms of accounting and I think I was starting to suffer before she came along to rescue me in typical "mom" fashion with all the moral support too. Thanks mom!
This photo is of my mom on her birthday back in May with my Dog "Sparky" trying to get into the hammock with her. These days after a many hours in the office she can't go in it now without Sparky jumping in too. She doesn't mind though:)