Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feel like doing something POSITIVE today?

Hello Eli, This is John, the AUA student that you met outside the school when you were getting lunch a few days ago. You asked me to post a link about the fundraiser for Carol Harvey and I made one on my website: I apologize for the delay, but the beach event is today, Saturday from 12 noon until 6pm or 8 if we can get a bonfire going, we hope. 3 Cylinder will be playing for free, with food, drink and Dj. We asked the general public for 50ec all-inclusive food and drinks. On the website link I also posted a PayPal link where I will collect the money, deposit it into an Antiguan Bank account and write a check to Dr. John's office. I stopped by the office on Friday and spoke with them. Thanks for your help! John