Thursday, December 01, 2011

Used Day Charter Catamaran for sale.

The catamaran had now been sold. Thanks anyway. April 2012

We have decided to make a few more changes to our operation for the season and big news will be coming soon. It's all very exciting indeed. To make room for these changes we are selling the catamaran we have been using.
"Dolphine" a 52 foot Buhler sailing catamaran with twin 75 HP Yanmar diesel engines. She is registered to carry 49 passengers, but could carry more as it's a very very wide boat. The boat has had quite a bit of work done to her recently including an engine rebuild, and is ready for use in the day charter industry. I am not sure of the exact year that she was built but i am guessing some time in the late 90s. This is a money making machine if put to work in the right market. The owners are asking US $150,000 and the boat is available for sea trials at any time. IF you are interested please call me on 268 725 7263 or email me on eliantigua(AT) and I can give you more info. 

Going to Antigua on a Cruise?

Yes, it's "Cruise Ship Season" and there are ships in port most days here in Antigua. Adventure Antigua doesn't have any contracts directly with cruise ships, but we have been taking cruise passengers on our day trips for about 11 years. Captain JD added some great photos to our facebook page of yesterdays tour including a few going back into port. Our guests were all posing. Here is one.

That is always the most asked question, but we have been doing this safely for eleven years and counting and will collect you after your ship gets in and have you back in time to get you on to your ship with plenty to spare. In fact we often get back before the cruise organized tours. Check our recent reviews on tripadvisor if you would like to see some reviews from other cruise passengers.