Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Environmental Awareness Group update

The Environmental Awareness Group had their Annual General Meeting scheduled for last Saturday night. As you may have read, this AGM was cancelled by the board a few days before without a vote, and then the members were invited to come to the meeting to vote on moving it to a date to be announced. This all seemed very strange to me. Anyway, I went to the meeting and tried to figure out what was going on. Unfortunately, several key board members were not at this meeting, and it was all quite confusing. At the meeting we were told that the AGM was cancelled because the financials were not in order. Either way, we voted against moving the meeting. This was very strange if you think about it because the meeting was already cancelled. Why bring a motion to move the AGM when the AGM had already been cancelled by the board. One would assume that when we voted against the move then the AGM would go on right? No because it had been cancelled already. See how crazy this whole thing was? Anyway, we voted again on moving it until Nov. 9th.

Since then the bylaws have been dug up and they do say that the AGM and general election have to happen on the same day that the financials are presented no later than the end of Octover. The financials got totally messed up by a software glitch, and the board doesn’t think they can be done in time for the Nov 9th date. In fact, they say that it will take another 80 hours of volunteer work to get them sorted out. This means that it will have to be postponed again, so for now the AGM is on hold and will be announced soon.

To me this all just shows how much strain the board of the EAG is under and how much help they need if we want to see more help being given to Antigua’s environment. When the AGM and general election date is announced I will blog about it. I want to be on the board because I feel that I have the time needed in order to help conserve our environment. I feel that in order for the EAG to be very productive there needs to be some managerial chances made. It needs to be run more like a company and less like a government. In fact, it is a non profit company, and I don’t know any company that would be successful if it was managed the way the EAG is at the moment. With the blogs, and various other media that a few of my friends have used recently to promote the EAG there has been a very big spike in new memberships. I am sure that there are many more people out there who would like to become involved, but the EAG has to be a more proactive and more productive organization. The projects that they are involved in are excellent and need to be encouraged and continued, but so much more needs to be done. It will only happen with more interest in the EAG and more funds in the bank to get the job done. I think this can happen. More to come when we find out the date of this new AGM.