Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventure Antigua's facebook page gets edited

Before facebook had "pages" for companies I set up an Adventure Antigua "group" which is where people shared photos comments and videos. Then one day I had a message from facebook saying that groups would be phased out and that if we wanted to have our company on facebook, then we needed to start a "page". We did that and you can get to it by clicking here
It should look something like this:

Anyway, I figured that we would then start to see people using that more than our facebook group which was still up. That happened but very slowly. There were several updates and messages from facebook and I sort of just ignored them. Anyway, yesterday I finally found out a few things about facebook pages. The first terrible thing I found out about their pages is that they can sometimes make the page limited to geographic locations. I don't know why or how but our Adventure Antigua facebook page wasn't being seen all over the world. I fixed that. Then I noticed that many people who I would have expected to be on there were not on there. Reason: Well it seems as though facebook only permits people who have proved to facebook that they are over 13 years old. In your profile your birth date visible to the general public or not must have a proper date of birth including the year which shows that you are over 13 otherwise you won't be able to see facebook "pages". If you are one of the many people on facebook that doesn't have a real date of birth then you are missing out on many "pages". If you would like to see regular photos from our tours, tag yourself if you were in one of them then you better have a date of birth in your profile. It's not my rules but it's the way FB wants things. Thanks for joining or facebook page. Look for regular photos from our tours.