Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to normal after Omar

For most of the island it's business as usual on Antigua after we had all that rain from one of Hurricane Omar's Feeder bands. I still can get over how much rain we had in such a short time. Anyway, like i said in yesterday's blog, there were several areas on the island that were flooded. We didn't have hurricane force winds so the wind damage wasn't an issue. We went boating on Adventure Antigua's Xtreme yesterday between Hawksbill Hotel and Carlisle Bay and took a little video to show you how nice it is once again. There was a few beaches that had bad erosion and some that ended up with more sand. The worst thing i saw was the huge amount of sea weed on Jolly Harbour Beach. Yuk! This seaweed acts as a natural buffer in storms and is very important to minimise the damage done by waves. I think it's time to clean it up now. I just hope they don't scoop up too much sand with it as resorts usually do when cleaning up their beaches. We didn't go into the North Sound and there are reports of some waste oil that has been washed into the sea from the Crabs Industrial area possibly from Antigua Public Utilities Authority, Antigua Power Company, or from the new Waste Oil refining plant.
Here is the quick and dirty video. TURN OFF THE VOLUME (i forgot to):