Wednesday, March 28, 2007

world cup cricket action

Once in a while I find myself falling back into "island mode" where everything is chilled and life moves along at a slow pace. Most people think that’s the way it is all the time but I can assure you that it's not always easy to chill out completely. I guess it helps these days to have my mom and sister helping me manage the show as well as all my great crew doing their best on the boats. Anyway, the past 10 days have been great and I have had quite a bit of free time to enjoy island life. Fishing, boating, walks on the beach, a nice outside restaurant for dinner are some of the island kinda things I have been getting up to. It almost seems like I have been busy chilling out. Is that possible? Busy and chilling don't usually go together but I just said them. Also, because of the World Cup business is exceptionally slow. Crazy huh? I guess most people coming here are here to do one cricket.

Its Trevor’s birthday on Thursday and I got him a ticket for tuesday's world cup match between Australia and The West Indies. It’s was the opening match at The Viv Richards Stadium and the first time a world cup match has been played here. Because it was such a big deal, the PM gave the island a day off from work so that we could all enjoy the cricket. Unfortunately for JD, Tony and Louie, not everyone could have the day off work. Hats off to them for getting the job done yesterday while the rest of us were at cricket. Here is a pic from the aussies playing at "beach 366" in the middle of yesterdays match. I have more from yesterday but internet is acting weird so that will have to keep you going until my cricket report tomorrow. The weather has been crap so the second half of the match will be played today. Am off there now. c ya.