Friday, February 04, 2011

Cruise ship time or local time?????


Recently we have had two seperate groups that have missed our Eco Tour boat trip because their watches were set to Cruise Ship time which they say stays according to the time where they started their journey from. In both cases the cruise ships had left from the East Coast of the USA which as many people know is currently "Standard Eastern Time" and is an hour different from what it is normally in the summer and what we are here in Antigua all year long. Our captains and passengers waited and waited but finally had to leave the cruise area to get on with the tour.
We have stated in our email confirmation that all times are in local time.

The time in the Eastern Caribbean stays the same all year long. A good website for people who may be confused is here.
Any specific time that an Antiguan business and especially an excursion busines gives directly to someone coming to visit them will be in local time and is never on cruise ship time. We would have no way of knowing what "cruise ship time" is on the day it comes to Antigua.

All of the cruise passengers we take out on our tours on an almost daily basis at this time of year are either booked through our website or are booked from Shore Trips or Shore Excursions. We have never done business directly with the Cruise Ships. It's in their best interest to confuse people who are trying to book independently which is the last thing that they want. They want keep the huge booking commissions to themselves which is understandable. This won't stop us from providing tours for anyone who wants to book directly or through an agency.

Please check once you have arrived in Antigua what the local time is just to make sure you make our departure time from the ships. Thanks!