Monday, February 05, 2007

Francis is back

Francis Gobinet grew up fishing, snorkeling, boating and windsurfing in the North Sound just like i did. I first saw him jumping out of his dad's little boat on the beach where i live about 15 years ago. He was about 9 then i think. Anyway, from day one he has been full of action and personality. I took him to a windsurfing competition in the British Virgin Islands way back when he was 12 years old, and he did very well. We actually sailed down from Antigua on a yacht and as he was at home on the boat as he is today. Some of us just like being at sea more than on land. Anyway, years later after i had started my company, Adventure Antigua, he worked with me on my Scarab doing the "north sound eco-historical tour". He stayed with me long enough to gain enough experience to set off onto the big yachts which base themselves here each winter. Off he went to Europe working as crew on million dollar yachts and gaining not only experience but also "yacht master" certificates as well. On paper, he is now the most qualified member of Adventure Antigua and will be working with Tony on the Eco Tour for the season. When the big yachts leave Antigua at the end of the season in April, Francis will leave us to do more sailing with the big boys. By then, i hope, Tony will have enough coaching and experience to become a full time skipper on the Eco boat. Wish them both luck if you see them. The top photo is of Francis posing during a photo shoot recently. FUNNY! I am not sure who took the pic. The other photo is of the kind of yachts Francis works on in the summer.