Saturday, October 31, 2009

Free trip to the Caribbean island of Antigua

Yes the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism group on facebook (go join them) is offering a free trip to Antigua and Barbuda. All you have to do is make a little video no longer than two minutes saying that you love Antigua and want to be flown there for Free and presto you are on your way to being entered into the competition. On facebook twenty five people have to click the "like" button on your video to get you into the competition. Once that's done you have to try to get people commenting and "liking" your video. I can't remember how they pick the winner, but hey you can win a trip here for two so check it out!
Antiguans can enter like i did, but we will only be able to give the prize to someone coming in from abroad. I was the only entrant before the original deadline so they extended it to give others a chance. Anyway, now my video is at the bottom and not getting as many views as the ones at the top. Go have a look and enter a vid of your own. If not have a look at mine click the "like" button and comment on it too.
I need more comments and more likes. If i win this competition i am going to give the prize to the person who gives the best comment below the video as to why i should give it to you. So you need to do two things. 1) get me as many comments and likes as possible so i can be in the top five selected by the tourism gang. 2) write an interesting comment that will make me pick you as the winner of my prize if and when i win.

Thanks! If that all sounds like too much you can always check it here too: