Friday, February 22, 2008


In under a week i have been up and down the Caribbean on two seperate advenures. First it was a trip using Xtreme as the mode of transportation to take 7 of us on a weekend of kitesurfing, fishing, beachcombing and other fun activities in Barbuda. We all stayed at North Beach Cottages which is the little isolated hotel i am helping Reuben with in Barbuda.
The purpose of the trip was to relax and enjoy the boating in a non work environment as well as to write an article and take photos for some kitesurfing magazines. The seven strog crew were, eli, mykl, JD, Ross, Kate, Olly, and Andre who is a world famous kitesurfer and our long time friend.
We left on Friday morning at the crack of dawn in extremely rough and windy conditions. In fact, some of the crew wanted to turn back as soon as we got into the Atlantic. Xtreme is designed to handle rough water and although the seas were rougher than i would allow a tour to go into the Atlantic with, these guys were not paying guests. heheehe
We had to push on through the rough seas and once i got into the grove the passage wasnt too bad. We were in the lee of Barbuda's amazing 14 mile beach within an hour even though it was a wet and bumpy hour. For the next 60 hours we enjoyed the best of what Barbuda had to offer. JD and Olly did plenty of kitesurfing after recently learning with I took loads of photos. Dre dazzled us with acrobatic shows. We found messages in bottles, fished, ate, drank rum, played dominos and enjoyed every second of our little holiday. (except when in this photo taken my mykl below a rain squall caught us while fishing in the mangroves).I cant show all the photos as they probably will be published in the near future, but i took hundreds. We would have stayed longer as Xtreme was free on monday too, but our country Antigua and Barbuda were playing Guyana at the Stanford 20 20 and we had to get back in time to see the cricket. Despite just ever so slightly being beaten by Guyana, we enjoyed the game tremendously. All of the Adventure Antigua team as well as many friends were on hand including Tony (originally from Guyana). Tonight its Trinidad and Tobago against Barbados. My lovely girlfirend is from Tobago, so we will be there supporting TT. Tomorrow i will blog about the most exciting part of my week...... the trip to Carriacou to see Adventure Antigua's new boat. Actually we had commissioned a boat back before christmas, but recently we took over production of another one. All exciting stuff and loads of content for my blog. Enjoy the weekend.