Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Cove (featuring Antigua) wins Academy Award

IF you remember, i wrote about the amazing film "The Cove" some time ago after seeing it here in Antigua. The director and some of the cast have spent quite a bit of time here in Antigua over the years. Read about it again here. Anyway, the film which interviews members of our government as well as my dad sheds light on the huge scam which is Japan's support of specific areas of our Fisheries department in exchange for our nations support on international whaling and the killing of other marine species such as dolphins. It doesn't make the government reps look good because it shows how little they know about the issue or the whales that they are selling out to Japan. The main objective of the movie is to bring international awareness to the slaughter of dolphins in Japan as well as that country's international effort to garner support for killing these dolphins and whales. The Cove won best documentary film at the Academy Awards this week and now will be shown in Japan, a country who is mostly in the dark about what their government is doing. I only hope that the movie will be shown here. Most Antiguans and even our government reps don't know what is going on. The Prime Minister recently learnt for the first time that whales pass through our waters. He had no idea!!! The Deluxe movie theater may show it, but we will have to see. You can email them requesting the movie on this address: fernandezc@candw.ag