Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More info about the Green Fete: A Roots Reggae Party 27/8/10

WHO? The Green Fete is being organized by Abracadabra Bar in English harbour in partnership with the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) and is shaping up to be the biggest "end of summer" party the island has seen in ages. The best reggae music from old school to new school will be spun in both sections of the club by DJ Quixx and DJ Kenny Nibbs.

WHAT? The Green Fete is a "Conscious" event and party where Reggae will be the music that makes you dance until the morning. This Roots Reggae dance party will have an eco theme to it with interesting info about Antigua's environment being carefully placed at areas around the club. In one section (not the dance floor) there will be a revolving slide show giving people who want to check it out, an interesting vision into the fascinating ecology of Antigua and Barbuda. ALL PROCEEDS FROM TICKET SALES go towards the Environmental Awareness Group so that they can continue to spread environmental awareness and manage their ecological projects. Buy your ticket before the 27th and you may win a weekend for two at Verandah Resort and Spa. Other prizes for best "Eco Outfit" and best "Green (colour) Outfit" will be awarded during the party. Sugar Ridge is donating one of those prizes and The Al Porto Restaurant is donating the other!

WHEN? This unique Reggae party is the perfect end to a fun filled summer. The Green Fete will kick off after dinner sometime around 10:30 PM on Friday August 27th. For those of you who possibly had your fill of this year's Carnival music, this party's reggae theme will get you dancing once again. You can buy your ticket at the door, but if you buy before you may with a weekend at Verandah Resort and Spa. The Winning ticket # will be announced on the EAG website and in the media on Friday 27th.

WHERE? Abracadabra Bar and Restaurant has been rocking Antigua's late night scene since I went to university back in the Early 1990s. It is located just before the main parking lot for Nelsons Dockyard and the English Harbour Police Station. The food there is amazing, and the nightlife there is just as good. Usually they are the place to go every weekend during the yachting season between November and May, but over the past few years they have been opening up in August too. Check out their Antiguanice website here. Tell everyone that The Green Fete is gonna be at "Abras" in English Harbour!

WHY? Why are we having this party? The main reason is that Antigua and Barbuda only has one proper environmental group which despite running some excellent environmental projects has difficulty getting funding for management of these projects and the general administration of the organization. A small team of us mainly made up of the EAG's board came up with a plan to throw a huge reggae party to help raise some very much needed funds. "The Abra-Posse" heard about it and being long supporters of the EAG, wanted to help straight away. If you buy a EC $20 or US $8 ticket for this party you will be helping the environment of Antigua and Barbuda and your money goes a long way! Please buy a ticket even if you don't plan on coming. The EAG needs your help!

HOW? It's very easy to be part of this event. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call +1 268 462 6236 to find out where you can come and get your ticket. So far we have tickets being sold upstairs of the museum in St. Johns at the EAG office. They are being sold at the JHR Caribbean office in Jolly Harbour. They are also being sold by me +1 268 725 7263 when i am not out on the boat. Later today we will start selling them at North Coast Hardware right next to Cafe Bella in the new Village Walk Commercial Center just past the Woods Mall going North. If you have no intention of coming but want to help the EAG and also want to have a chance at that weekend for two at the lovely Verandah Resort and Spa then you can call or email the EAG through their site to find out how to buy your tickets using a credit card. Remember each ticket is just US $8 or EC $20. Buy ten!! As a matter of fact, any company that buys more than ten tickets will have their logo and info included in our slide show which will be show somewhere inside the club all night long.

In a further effort to try to be eco friendly we are not printing thousands of flyers and posters for this one. This party is mostly using the web. Websites like my blog here, 365Antigua, Antiguanice, twitter and our facebook event page are what we are putting most of our energy in. You play a big part in this promotion by sharing the links with your contacts and generally telling people about it. Click on either of the images here to get larger versions of them if you want, and please pass them around or send the link of today's blog. Click here for it.