Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fishing tournament this weekend in Nelsons Dockyard

me fighting

Yes the 44th annual fishing tournament here in Antigua will start up on Friday afternoon with their famous EC $5 bar (US $2). Saturday all the boats will tear out of the harbour together in the "bimini start" and shortly afterwards fishing will start.
This year Adventure Antigua's TEAM XTREME have decided to enter the Marlin division once again, but this year we will only be fishing for Marlin and nothing else. Sometimes we see mahi mahi out there in the tournament, change our lures and catch some while getting distracted from Marlin Fishing. Not this year!
For more info on the tournament including fishing times photos and info on the parties, click here.
Last week I posted a little video taken on our last fishing trip. Click here for that short marlin fight and release.
Tomorrow, we are going out for another warm up session. wish us luck!