Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big party tonight and A very special Reggae party in Antigua to finish off August

On Friday the 27th of August I am helping to organize a very very exciting reggae party. It's officially called "The Green Fete: a Roots Reggae Party".
As a board member on the islands main environmental group, the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG), I was put in charge of trying to raise some very needed funds. The organization, as you can see from looking at their webiste: EAG , is well run as far as their projects and outreach programs go, but they needed some help with their finances. Anyway, my company did a special catamaran cruise for them a few months ago

That was good fun, but we didn't raise a huge amount of money. We needed more, so we decided to team up with the oldest and best night spot on the island to throw a special party. Abracadabra Bar in English Harbour has always been interested in environmental concerns and wanted to help as soon as i brought the concept to them. It's an all reggae eco party. I will have more info on it to come soon. It's still a few weeks away, but for now check out the amazing poster done for us by Jus Bus:

As you will see if you click on his link, he has a huge birthday party tonight also at Abras. Here is his poster again from that: