Thursday, July 17, 2008

A new place for Antigua Tourism discussion

The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Group was launched late last week as an alternative to other under-moderated sites which were less dedicated to tourism promotion in Antigua as their main purpose. This forum or message board is a place where users can sign in and speak about tourism issues related to Antigua and Barbuda. The discussion board or forum or newsgroup as many like to call it has had incredible popularity with over 100 people signing up as members in just a few days since its start. is the main page and you will see that moderators from the forum membership have been assigned to keep things in order on the site. That being said just the fact that there are moderators on the site deters trolls and other naughty people from signing up. So far no moderator has had any work. I am sure that will change but it has been anyway. If you are visiting Antigua and Barbuda and want to learn more about these wonderful Caribbean islands please come to the forum and fire away those questions.