Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snorkeling at Cades

For years I have enjoyed snorkeling at Cades Reef especially at one particular section which we still go on private tours (xtreme and Eco only). We have never made Cades reef one of our regular snorkeling stops until we started the Classic Yacht Sailing cruise seen here. Our day sailing offers snorkeling twice with Cades Reef being the first and longest stop. Both Jason and the other guide (depending on the day) go in the water with the guests and take them on a tour through the reef to make sure that they see the best parts. Most of the time we have people who have never been snorkeling before so like on all of the Adventure Antigua tours we give a snorkeling briefing before we get in. This usually includes info for total beginners and tips for people who haven't been for a while. Once the briefing is out of the way then the guests can get into the water and take a few minutes next to the boat to get used to the gear and surroundings. The spot at Cades that we go to with the sailing tour is almost always clear. I have not seen it murky there yet which is great. The reef has been damaged by hurricanes and by the effects of climate change like most reefs these days, but there is still loads of interesting stuff to see including corals, fish, turtles, rays, and the rest of the usual undersea life. Of course not every day provides this variety as this is the wild and you never know what you will find. On all of our boats we have high end silicone snorkeling gear, and with the special guided experience even first timers can enjoy themselves. I hope to see you out with us soon on this unique sailing and snorkeling experience.