Sunday, June 22, 2008

St. Nicholas school field trip

It's becoming quite a major part of our business to take groups of kids out on private tours. After all the children's birthday parties we go into more educational and alternative field trips. As you saw last week, we took 6th grade from Island Academy to Barbuda on a camping trip. (photo above thanks to Thorsten who happened to be doing a Barbuda tour on the chopper)The most recent educational adventure we have done with children was with the 6th grade from St. Nicholas school. Mrs Dean has been a reader of this blog for some time and actually asked me to come and speak about environmental issues some time ago at the school. I spoke to 5th and 6th graders and was so impressed by how smart these little adults were. Anyway, we spoke about doing a trip back then and now just before grade six of 2008 say goodbye to the school they decided to come on my Eco Tour. A few parents, Ms. Dean and most of the class got on board with Wan Lovv, Tony and Ross at Dickenson Bay and did the regular eco tour. What makes this tour the best tour on Antigua in my opinion is that is was designed around childhood adventures that my family had up in the North Sound islands and that it has themes of history and ecology. For many Antiguans who do the tour the best part is discovering new places and learning loads of new info about an area in this small country that most people don't know about. Of course there is snorkeling, boating, beaching, wildlife, caving discovery and all the other things that make a good Caribbean adventure. According to reports on our Adventure Antigua facebook group the tour went very well. We hope to do more of these kids trips because there is no doubt that helping kids see how special these delicate and wondrous areas are will benefit the county as a whole in the future. We'll see. The photos were taken by Mandy Cheremeteff (one of the moms) and were shown on the facebook group. Thanks Mandy!