Tuesday, September 11, 2007

international cleanup just a few days away.

My cousin Annabel Fuller wrote a good introductory article about International Coastal Cleanup Day in the afternoon release of the Daily Observer (Daily Observer PM) and since then the Observer Group has been trying to gather more info and help promote this important event across our twin island nation. This morning Mitzi Allen, who was hosting the morning show on Observer Radio 911 FM, called me to chat about it and try to get the message out.
She obviously understood the significance of a cleanup and its importance to our type of "Tropical Beach Tourism" as roddy so perfectly described it in a comment on the reef saving blog i wrote several days ago.
I just got off the phone again, but this time with Linroy Sammuel, also from the Observer group. He is doing a news story about the cleanup event and asked how many people would be attending. I told him that i wasn't sure, but with the help of the Observer, there would be many more people conscious of the event. I also gave him Nemo's site http://www.antiguabeachclean.blogspot.com/ which gives more info and angles to the whole concept of maintaining the main engine of our economy....the beach. It looks like many antiguans and visitors are interested and committed to helping out this weekend and more. We should encourage every effort made i think. This photo shows John Watt and Sarah Fuller walking back on the beach after collecting some marine debris.
This time however the things that they collected didn't end up in our land fill, but were used by Sarah in her artistic creations which you can find in her pottery shop in redcliffe quay as well as in the Woods Art Gallery. There is a photo of some of her art in this link. All in all, i think beach cleanups need to be more of a regular thing on an island that prides itself on our unique coastline. Join in wherever you are but for sure if you are in antigua.