Thursday, March 12, 2009

letter of the week.

Each week I will try to remember to post an email or message board post from one of our happy customers. This one came from a guest who was out recently during some very rough conditions.

Good Morning Nell,I would like to thank everyone at Adventure Antigua for an outstanding timeon the Xtreme Circumnav. We had a wonderful time. All four of us sat inthe back of the boat getting soaked as JD skillfully navigated the waves.It was like an amusement park ride! We loved stopping at Stingray City - itwas amazing how docile those fascinating animals were. The crew, JD,Trevor, and Chris, were extremely accommodating to my wife and I. See, mywife develops a rash if she allows salt water to dry on her skin and then beexposed to the sun. The guys offered her the freshwater hose at every stopand they also gave her the option to ride by JD where she won't get hit bythe spray. The lunch on Green Island was superb and we had a great timewalking down the beaches. I do have to say that the stop at RendezvousBeach was my favorite. The sand was pristine and the rum-punch wasoutstanding. All-in-all we had a superb time on the excursion and wouldrecommend it to anyone who asks. I hope that someday you can offer it inthe hotel that we stayed at(Grand Pineapple) because we do plan onreturning. Thank you again and have a wonderful day! Jim Elder