Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a few photos to warm you up

Quite often I get asked for photos of Antigua by those who are suffering in the middle of cold winters. Thankfully winter is well on it's way and soon spring will be showing signs of it's arrival. There are still many cold days to come though and I figure you could use a nice warm image to help you plan your next holiday to Antigua. Here is one of the Eco Tour guides out doing what they do best....snorkeling:
Snorkeling is a big part of all of our Adventure Antigua tours and we give special attention to those people who have never tried it before. Lessons are done on the beach and on the boat. We almost never have people who can't enjoy a little snorkeling. Another thing people love to do here is spend time on the beach of course. The closest beach to where I live is Jabbawock Beach and it's where I started a kitesurfing school with some friends. One of my oldest friends and long time Adventure Antigua team member is Ty Brodie.

Originally from Antigua, Ty works in New York City at the moment and manages to come and visit quite often. When he's here you will see him giving kitesurfing (kite boarding) lessons on the beach. This was a photo of him posing while he was taking a short stop on the beach in between a nice light wind session. Also joining me on the beach that day were my son Skye and my wife Mykl.

He enjoyed having a swim too! Anyway, I hope these recent photos help ease the effects of the cold and grey that is typical of so many wintery days and nights. See you soon here in the Caribbean! www.adventureantigua.com