Monday, May 21, 2007

fishing party

Well I must apologize for not writing more often….I have been guilty of playing a bit too much over the past few days. On Thursday while sitting at the Caribbean Real Estate office, writing my last entry about the pre fishing from last year, I was invited to go to St. Martin for a quick trip. We flew over on the JHR (Caribbean real estate) plane on Friday morning and enjoyed 24 hours in St. Martin. Living in a small island like Antigua can be a bit claustrophobic sometimes and even getting off the rock for 24 hours makes a difference. I paid a deposit on my first bit of land to Caribbean Real Estate a year ago and have had a very good relationship with them since then. In my opinion, they are an excellent real estate company and have experienced significant growth over the past few years expanding into both St. Martin and Dominica. Anyway, while they took care of some business I managed to do a little shopping before jumping back onto the plane bound for Antigua. Whatever happened I had to be back in time for the famous Pre Fishing Tournament Party held once again at Club Havana in English Harbour. While speaking to JHR about the party and the tournament we got to talking about sponsorship of our team. After a little friendly negotiation Caribbean Real Estate decided to be our partner in the 41st Annual Sport Fishing Tournament. From now Adventure Antigua’s hard core dream fishing team for this weekend’s massive fishing tournament will be referred to as Xtreme Caribbean Real Estate. Crew still is the same with Tony, Francis, and Choppa as fighters and Big John as first mate and wire man with me as captain.
Anyway, the pre-tournament party was excellent as usual with a massive raffle to start it all off on the right foot.
The tickets seen above with francis were on sale for EC $5 (US $2) and there were so many prizes that most people ended up winning something. (Some like big john seen here....more than others)

Xtreme Caribbean Real Estate managed to take home dinner for two at the Inn in English Harbour, dinner for two at the Coast, dinner for 2 at Carlisle Bay and a complimentary Canopy tour. Our team is so hot that we are already ahead in the winnings and the tournament hasn’t properly started. Haha haha (wink)
The world famous Chicky Hifi was on hand to make sure everyone danced the night away in between consuming dangerous amounts of the sponsor’s products: Mount Gay Rum and Carib Beer.

Even though most of the dream team supported the tournament sponsors a bit too generously we managed to still pull enough of the group together in the late morning for an afternoon fishing session. Practice makes perfect and we went 22 miles south of Jolly Harbour in search of the Blue Marlin. More to come…..