Friday, January 22, 2010


After we got married in November several people asked us what was the craziest gift we got. It's kind of a funny question, but I suppose most people expect the usual assortment of wedding gifts. We were delighted to have gotten so many lovely wedding gifts, and yes some of them were things we were hoping to get. We didn't realize it at the start of the plans, but people expected us to have a wedding registry. "It's what you do", so we made one.
We didn't even open any of our wedding gifts at first because after spending a night at Blue Waters hotel we flew down to the Grenadines for a week of honeymoon chill time. After we got back it was time to open gifts and try to figure out where to put them. Most were things to use in our house, and as it's not possible to fit them into our rented appartment in Jolly Harbour we had to put them in storage. I am sure many newlyweds have to do this sort of thing, and we now have even more reason to get our house built. That's another big adventure that's waiting to start up.
Back to that funny question about what was the craziest gift we got. We never really had a crazy gift although a tiny James Bond style waterproof video camera called a GoPro was probably the most unusual. Today I finally had a chance to test it out. I didn't use it underwater but as you can see it works just fine:

This camera will hopefully help this blog with new unusual content. I can't wait until it's good windsurfing or surfing weather. The video will give you a great view of some of the things we get up to.
Anyway, the person who asked me the question went back to Holland before we got our truly crazy wedding gift. One of our craziest friends was kind enough to get us a massive 60+ pack of toilet paper. And that's it! The most unusual and wacky wedding gift we received. Thanks Choppa!