Sunday, October 16, 2011

"Red Skies in the Morning"

Here is a bit of fiction that expresses what many of the caribbean's fishermen experience and remember when they are older and can no longer go to sea.

The nocternal syphony performed by crickets, and tree frogs slowly comes to an end before dawn when a few feathered singers join in. This is the time of morning that fishermen are up getting ready to set off.
This morning is special though as the only noise to be heard is song provided by the birds, crickets and frogs. The beautiful melody provided by the trade wind as it rustles through the coconut tree branches isn't around today and neither do I hear the quiet lullaby of the waves against the shore. This is one of those special mornings where the night's cool from the land is stronger than the warmth of the sea. There is no breeze at all and I am always happiest when we have these still conditions on a fishing day. The funny thing is that most fishermen that i know hate it when the seas are as still as this, saying that fish don't bite when it's so calm. That's a matter for them.
sun downers
As I leave the house with my foul weather gear and cooler a shiver runs through me. I don't know if it's the cold or the nervous anticipation that i often get on perfect mornings like this one. The stars are slowly disappearing into a purple background which changes colours to violet and then pink as fast as it swallows the constellations. 

jolly sunsets
By the time i get to the boat the sky is a brilliant orange and I take a moment to look around smiling even though we are the last boat to leave port.
It's going to be a special day..... I know it.