Saturday, August 16, 2008

More arrests in Antigua on the Cocos shooting

Staff at the beautiful Cocos resort seen above as well as most of the country and all of the surviving victims in this horrible shooting are eagerly awaiting more news today after 10 people were arrested. The first proper arrests made were of two women from the Dominican Republic mid week. After questioning these women eight more were arrested on Thursday and Friday. Police are trying to get a slam dunk on this one and are trying to be extremely quiet about what's going on. Word on the street is fever pitched with numerous stories and leads being leaked left and right. Nobody is 100% sure what's going on but one story which keeps getting repeated is that the main man being suspected of being the shooter is a Jamaican who runs a barber shop near the market in St. Johns. This may be just talk, but there is no doubt that he is one of the eight arrested.
Edit 17/8/08
The barber was arrested recently on unrelated gun charges it seems. So that one was not correct.
Our papers don't come out until Monday here, but there is plenty of info in the UK media. Another thing that happens here I think is when someone is arrested on Friday they don't have to be charged until Monday. We may have to wait until Monday to find out more. I hope that as one person commented on yesterday's blog.... the mounties got their man.