Monday, November 28, 2011

My favorite fishing slideshow of Antigua images

As the oldest image in the slide show clearly demonstrates, fishing has been part of my life since my earliers memories. This photo of me fishing with my dad, brother and sister in the North Sound off Great Bird Island was taken on the same type of boat that I first used on my Eco Tour back in 1999. A small barracuda, a bar jack, a spanish mackerel, and another larger "barri". These same fish can still be found in the North Sound, but these days with the increased use of gill netting, the numbers of fish have dropped considerably. I don't want this blog to be a controversial one arguing for more fisheries protection like many of my writings before. Instead this is one showing most of my favorite fishing photos. Almost all of them were taken by me here in Antigua. I hope you enjoy checking them out. We here at Adventure Antigua are always asked if we do fishing charters. Some day that may be an option, but for now we just do it for fun on our days off.