Wednesday, May 18, 2011

youtube videos and facebook photos

There are many people shooting videos and taking photos while they are on our tours and we often never see the results. If you are one of these people and happen to be reading this, please post the youtube or vimeo video or photos on our facebook page
If they are good then I may ask permission to post them on this blog, and if they are really good then we may ask if we can put them on our website. For that we would trade a few trip for two on one of our tours.
Shoot away and please let me know. You can tag me in the photo as well as tagging Adventure Antigua or just post them on our facebook page. Remember if you use twitter and post a photo or video all you have to do is put @antigua in your tweet and I will see it. If you use Flickr or Picasa then all you have to do is paste the link of a photo into our facebook page. Get involved and comment on the posts there too if you like.Don't be shy. Thanks so much! Eli