Monday, November 02, 2009

Antigua and one of its most talented featured in international promo

Kitesurfing also known as Kiteboarding is a very popular sport all over the world at the moment and one of the most respected stars there is hails from Antigua and Barbuda. Andre Phillip grew up on the North side of the island and has been wowing people ever sinice i gave him his first lesson at Jabbawock Beach years and years ago.
This humble surfer can often be seen kitesurfing there as well as other good spots like Half Moon Bay and Willoughby Bay. Most of the time however he is kitesurfing at exotic destinations around the world. You name it and he's probably been there proudly representing Antigua and his corporate sponsors. His biggest sponsor at the moment is Cabrinha which is a kite and board manufacturer. Here is a little promo done for one of their newest kite models.