Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Environmental Awareness Group news

The Environmentat Awareness Group is planning a series of activities to celerate Earth Day and to try and raise a few $$ to help run the organization. Environmentalism isn't as strong as is needs to be in Antigua and support for the EAG is even weaker especially financially.

One of the things Adventure Antigua is trying to do to help the EAG is joing them in a special Eco Tour of the North Sound on Saturday April 24th using one of our boats. The tour will be a half day tour during the afternoon and we will be using our biggest boat The Dolphin which is normally reserved for private charters and the half day snorkeling tour from the Pineapple, Verandah and Long Bay area.

Anyway, we will collect guests from the old small dock at Shell Beach near the end of the airport's runway at 12:45 pm. There will be a maximum of 49 people on the big catamaran and we will do the eco tour seen on this link (click here) with the exception of the Hells Gate adventure.
You can have a general idea of what the tour will be like if you check the video there too, but remember it will be on the slower and larger boat. Since we will already be in the North Sound, we won't have to do any cruising up and down the coast to get there.
The main thing to remember apart from this being one of the coolest things to do in Antigua because of the beautiful and very interesting surroundings of the North Sound, is that this is a fundraiser for the EAG. You can learn more about the organization at http://www.eagantigua.org/
Drinks, snacks, all the interesting narration of the area, a short eco walk/hike and some snorkeling all included for just EC $130 or US $50. To reserve you spot on this unique tour please email the EAG. There isn't a kids rate as this rate is fairly low for this type of tour and also because this is a fundraiser. Think of it as you helping out the environment of Antigua and Barbuda.
In a day or two I will blog about a new development that will make going on this tour even more interesting and important.