Wednesday, January 09, 2008

North Beach Hotel in Barbuda

If you read the blog regularly then you will know that i am now helping the owner of North Beach Hotel Barbuda (a.k.a North Beach Cottages). Ruben is a Barbudan engineer and politician who decided to build a few cottages on a camping site that we used to use as kids.

He owned the property and got permission to put up the little hotel. Shortly afterwards Coco Point Hotel took over the running of the tiny property and used it as an alternative and more secluded destination for their guests. Anyway you can read more about the property on the other blog entry about it as well as a few trip advisor reviews on the property. I like the "Mind Numbingly Beautiful" quote there.As you can see, North Beach Barbuda is $500 a night but booking directly with me and or Ruben gets you a US $100 discount.
Ruben wants to get as many people to stay there this year as possible in order to get the word out. Each cottage is set up for all inclusive accommodation for two people.
Anyway, since I started helping Ruben we have had a steady stream of emails and bookings. The place has come alive again and Ruben is excited. A few days ago I was asked to show an agent the property and we flew over for the day. I love it over there and it’s always a pleasure to make the trip.
As soon as you approach Barbuda flying over its famous "14 mile beach" and fantastic lagoon your excitement level goes up a few notches. The ride down the lagoon into the narrows is such a beautiful trip that just getting there is like doing one of my eco tours. Of course you can not drive a car to North Beach as it sits on Rabbit Island which almost closes off the lagoon leaving just a narrow opening called "Creek Mouth".

The natural setting is always breath taking. This time my cousin Jack (brother of Ross who works for me on the boats) is visiting from England where he hopefully is about to be crowned Pub Chef of the year, and i took him along with me. All of us including the agents were in silent awe as we passed magnificent frigate birds, pelicans and terns in the mangrove habitat. As we passed through the Creek Mouth the amazing colours of the waters inside the barrier reef made me smile. It’s that beautiful. Anyway, we took some photos chatted with Ruben, had a drink in the pavillion (seen above), walked on the beach and before I could get enough, we were back on the boat towards Codrington where a venison lunch was awaiting.

If you want any more info about Barbuda or North Beach please email us on info @ or call me 0n 268 725 7263. Hope you enjoy the pics too. eli