Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Burial at Sea for Francis

I have been getting some heat from the regular readers of my blog for not updating lately. I'm sorry but i had the chance to go sailing and off i went very last minute to St. Barts and then to St. Martin. It was a great trip and nice to be with some good friends on an off island adventure.
So many of us have been consumed with the passing of our good friend Francis that doing something fun like sailing to another island was just perfect.
Anyway, Francis' funeral will be this Saturday, and it will be just as I want mine to be some day. He will be carried out to sea by his friends and family as far as is legally required and allowed to return to the place he loved most... the sea.
Xabier Ross of Wadadli cats seen here driving the tender with Francis, me and Andre back in 2007 after arriving from our sail to Barbados...
has provided one of his catamarans to take people alongside the boats Francis worked on which will be carrying his casket and his family. For those of you who were friends of his and want to be there please contact me or Wadadli cats for more info. We will meet in Falmouth Harbour at 9 am.