Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Harriette and our Food!!!!

Harriette and Roseau are the wife and husband team who prepare our food each day. Without them I don't know what I would do since they have been helping me from the start. I have known Harriette since I was a little kid because she worked as a waitress and bar tender in my grandparent’s hotel long before she started her little catering company. She had to put up with a hell of a lot in dealing with all the grandchildren. There were as many as 14 of us running through the hotel at any given time and much to the dismay of my grandparents, the bar and kitchen were our favorite places after the beach. Harriette became a baby sitter just because she was there. Anyway she is still looking after me and has gotten me out of binds many times. In fact, recently when my sister, Nell, was off-island, it was my job to order food from Harriette, and I forgot. Anyway, I arrive down the beach at her house as usual at 7:45 am to collect the food and she asks me what I am doing there. Immediately I realized that I had forgotten to call in the food order. (Shhh....don't tell Nell). Anyway, she and her little team sprang into action and had the food prepared in time to meet JD at Dickenson Bay.
Her food is now famous on the web and has even made it into the media in articles and on a few TV travel programs. I am her biggest customer, but Harriette stays busy throughout the day. It’s a long day for her and usually she will start cooking my tour's food from about 5:45 am!!!!
It hasn't changes much over the years mainly because I believe in the old principal "if it’s not broken, then don't try and fix it". The usual spread is a pasta salad with garlic, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Then we have the Barbecue chicken with her famous "sweet BBQ souse", a very good mixed salad with romaine, and finally some plantain, which are a special type of banana that never ripens and you have to cook. For dessert we serve banana bread. It is quite a spread and it always goes down well during an adventure out on the water.
Harriette and Roseau also do a great roadside barbecue on Saturdays with more traditional local food. Ask the crew about it if you would like to meet them and experience more of their great food. This pic was taken by one of our guests "zydecocruiser" and is of someone getting a plate. Enjoy!