Monday, August 31, 2009

Possible Tropical Storm warning coming soon

If you are in Antigua at the moment or are on your way here before mid week then be advised that the forecast isn't looking good. At this hour the National Hurricane Center is trying to decide if what was "Invest 94L" (a fancy name for a strong tropical wave or low pressure system) was turning into a Tropical Depression which is the stage of a low pressure system between a tropical wave and a tropical storm. Of course the stage after a tropical storm is a hurricane. Many of the weather forecaster blogs are saying that Invest 94L is probably a Tropcial Depression as i write this and many are suggesting that it may become a Tropcial Storm very soon afterwards. This is where it gets interesting. These days all the super computer forecasting tools that there are out there are usually good enough to predict the track of an approaching storm. We have seen them accurately predict where these storms go each year. In fact, they seem to do a better job each year too. This invest has been different. None of the models seem to know where the hell it will go. still says the weather this week will be awesome, so maybe they know something we don't know.
After reading the weather discussion on and looking at the moving sat maps on i think we should all be thinking about getting ready for a storm. I will post updates here and on so keep checking the sites.