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Same crew, same tour, same boat and very different reviews.

Xtreme lunch

They are both of our Xtreme Tour and both parties went to our website where there is a description of the boat, a description of the tour, photos and this video:

Anyway, this one (the better one) came from Tripadvisor. Don't forget if you have been on one of our tours then you too can post a review on tripadvisor by clicking this link. Here is the review:

The next review came from Cruise Critic and was also posted by a guest that booked on our website. They say they enjoyed the tour, but felt that other people wouldn't have. They say we put an unreasonable number of people on the boat, but we have seats for 23 on our 45 foot boat and NEVER have anyone standing. When we are full we have 23 people on the boat but rarely are that full. Anyway, same tour, same crew, same boat, same general review and tour date.
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8 reviews “Extreme Circumnav-AMAZING!”

Reviewed May 28, 2011 - We went on Adventure Antigua's Eco Tour last year when in Antigua and were really impressed with the entire set up so this year decided to do the Extreme Circumnav with them.

We were collected from the beach at the Hawksbill resort, the resort next door to Galley Bay where we were staying.

The crew, Chris, JD and Trevor were all friendly, Chris took us on the Eco Tour last year so we knew we had a knowledgable guide.

It is very clear these guys all really care about the things they are showing you on these trips, when we stopped off on the beach at Rendezvous bay Chris was seen digging on the beach, when asked what he was doing JD replied, 'oh he's re planting coconut palms which have been washed out by the rain!'

The boat was amazing, fast and thrilling ! Especially when you go around the Atlantic side of the island (if you sit at the back on the left watch out for the spray ) the bigger the swell the better the ride!

We recommended the Eco tour to our parents who had travelled to Antigua with us (we were there to be married) my Mother DOES NOT do boat trips but she was convinced it was a must to do.

They came back from the day on the tour thrilled with it, again Chris, Nichola and crew had made sure they had a really good day .

We really cant sing the praises of Adventure Antigua highly enough, whichever tour you do with them.

The crew are awesome, the boats comfrotable, clean and safe and the food was SO good.

Not a booze cruise, if you want a cramped patrty boat, dancing, loud music and alcohol this is not the trip for you.

If you want to know about the facinating nature and history of this wonderful place in a relaxed, comfortable environment with a great crew making sure you enjoy yourself then this is the trip for you. They do serve a mean rum punch but not until you're cruising home in the afternoon as a leisurely end to the day.

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We did the Extreme Tour with Adventure Antigua last week. It was basically a tour around the island on a speedboat. It's not for people without full mobility-getting in and out of the boat can be tricky.

The good: it was fun, and the stops were at great beaches (we loved swimming with the stingrays!). You get full snorkeling equipment, included in the price. You also get a nice lunch and rum punch (not the best we have had), and all the water you need. Bring your own towel and sunscreen (in fact, I suggest a surf shirt to swim in).

The just OK: the crew wasn't the friendliest, although they were competent and polite. Being on a speedboat after a while can be stressful because of the noise and the 'pummeling'. What is worse, they squeezed an unreasonable number of people on the boat. My husband and I had comfortable seats, but the late comers had to 'straddle' the front seats-not that comfortable if you have to be in that position for a while.

Overall we had fun, but I suspect there may be better outfits out there.

I am discussing this review with my crew to see if there was a problem that we can solve, but the seats up front are favorites for many of our Xtreme Tour return guests. I think the third sentence is possibly a clue as to why the guests didn't think the tour was as awesome as the first reviewers. Both of my powerboat tours have themes of Adventure and people who don't want to move around may be better off on one of the other trips that we do. That being said, we have taken people on this tour who wouldn't take no for an answer and asked the crew to put their wheel chairs in the cabin while they enjoyed the tour around Antigua.