Friday, September 09, 2011

Facebook group "Save Antigua's Turtles" launched.

Sometimes things happen in your life which just make you shake your head and smile. Yesterday I wrote a blog about the big problem we are facing with our sea turtles here in Antigua thanks to badly informed politicians mixed with manipulative Chinese gifts. Check the blog(s) by clicking here
and a video on the Antigua Sea Turtle Conservation Project blog by clicking here.
Anyway, last night on my way to a weekly semi political BBQ with friends that they call "Cabinet" I kept an eye out for more hatchlings on the Jabberwock main road. As described in the blog linked above these lights and others along nesting beaches are wiping out thousands of little endangered species this summer. As soon as i got onto the beach road I saw several "splatted" hatchlings that had been run over by cars and immediately in front of me I saw a little one crawling toward me. I called my sister Nell and started picking up others. We spent three hours there and saved 30 that were wondering away from the beach underneath the brillian chinese lights.
Many more were not so lucky. Remember that there were over 100 eggs in the nest. I actually found some tiny tracks on the beach which lead me to their nest, and I excavated it finding one more straggler inside. I also found another nest nearby that had recently hatched out.

Today I will be on Observer Radio 91.1 FM speaking about this problem and others that face our endangered sea turtles. You can listen on a live feed on their website. Click here for that.

I also just started the facebook group "Save Antigua's Turtles". Please join and lets show the politicians that we care about these creatures. It's decisions that you and I make that will ultimately save them for future generations. Go to facebook and type in "Save Antigua's Turtles" in the search bar. You will find the site and once you join I will authorize you to be a member. Thanks!