Friday, November 10, 2006

Say hi to Trevor

Trevor Erskine and I go way back to the windsurfing days when I was a teenager . There was quite a group of windsurfers who worked and lived around Jolly Beach and further to the South, and Trevor was part of that gang. We would meet up whenever there were strong winds on the North Side of the island and also whenever there were competitions. Trevor loves sports of all kinds and was as keen as I was to race windsurfers around the Caribbean. Together we raced in Aruba, The BVI, St. Martin, St. Kitts and Nevis and many times in Antigua. Trev, worked at Sandals as a watersports and windsurfing instructor as well as at Half Moon before it closed. He loves to travel and plays Cricket in England every summer. His home town is Crab Hill which is a little village on the South side near two other villages where several famous Antigua cricketers started out. Cricket is a big part of life for people there and Trevor is a hard core cricket fan and possesses a wealth of cricketing knowledge. During the season here he plays on the same team as the guys form Stingray City,but in the summer he plays for a team in the uk. He is one of Antigua's top cricketers. Its not just cricket and windsurfing either as I said earlier, Trevor loves all kinds of sports. Soccer is another fave for him and if you want to know what’s going on with your sports team (whatever it is) just ask him. He started working part time with me a year ago and has proven to be a real tram player. I guess all the sports background compliments working on the boat. We are a team out there on the water and we are all glad to have Trevor with us. He just came back from playing cricket again for the summer in England and will be with us hopefully for the season. Seems like he did well this year in England with one of the highest batting average in his league. If you love sports then quiz him on what’s going on where you see him. He will love it! Ha-ha
This pic was taken on a “staff outing” somewhere between Antigua and Barbuda.
Trev is the one with the red hat having a heineken, and sitting next to tony with the green shirt.