Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A slide show showing the history of how our "Classic Yach Tour" evolved.

After running powerboat tours, charters and excursions for nearly 10 years we decided to go back to the sailing which had always been part of our family's lives. We also knew that the price and ecological impact of oil and it's industry would some day limit the number of powerboat excursions that we would be doing. A move to sailing and not just any sailing was something we were very interested in. To be even more "green" we decided to build locally here in the Caribbean and not our of the usual fiberglass which our other boats are constructed with but from renewable wood. These boats have been traditionally built with very little change in the design or the construction process for nearly 300 years. It was a dream that has come true and this little slide show will give you a glimpse of how the adventure started and eventually finished with us doing regular day sailing tours and charters for holiday makers and residents here in Antigua. We have been on several big trips up and down the Caribbean, and i can tell you that there is nothing quite like sailing on a authentic West Indian work boat. These things have soul! Why wouldn't they after all that went into them.