Monday, June 14, 2010

An alarming number of migratory birds are being found dead out to sea.

I hope this isnt related to the BP oil spill that i mentioned in my last blog, but I went fishing on Saturday and noticed an unusually high number of Audubon's Shearwaters off shore. At least, that's what i think they are called. Looked at the photos and they do look the same. Anyway, we spoke to several fishing boats that saw dead ones floating. On Sunday one boat spotted ten of them floating dead in the water. After speaking to other deep sea fishers who have been fishing the East off Antigua it seems as though we have a problem as many of them report seeing dead birds. Why on earth this is happening, we will only know when we get a specimen. Seeing a dead bird in the water is a rare event, but seeing many is totally not something any of us has seen.
These shouldn't be related in any way to the birds that were recently intentionally poisoned at Jolly Beach Hotel. That's another story!