Thursday, March 19, 2009

awesome weather

If you are one of those people who take note of the online animated forecasts that for the past 10 years have been saying that it rains every day here in Antigua and is cloudy all the time please read this blog link.

The past few days have been so very nice here in Antigua with lighter winds that we have been having and very little swell. The sunshine has been ultra powerful with very little cloud cover at all. Yesterday I was skippering Ocean Nomad on the Antigua Classic Yacht tour offered by my company Adventure Antigua. We had four guests and did the regular tour up the coast. We were looking for humpback whales all day but had no luck there. We did see a pair of dolphins off Curtain Bluff Hotel and over 30 turtles during the day. JD seen in the top pic had never seen so many turtles on a single day, but that's because he's usually working on Xtreme which sees more coastline and more beaches, but doesn't give you as much time to slowly look for turtles. All in all it was a lovely day with fantastic weather and warm clear water. Today is much the same again.
The windguru forecast shows excellent weather for the next week too. Excellent.
Today is my Dad's birthday.... got to get him something, so i am off to the shops in St. Johns which is not the place to be on a beautiful day like this!