Sunday, May 29, 2011

After habitat destruction comes a press release. Want to laugh?

After writing this blog (click here), lawyers for the developer sent this my way.


FROM: Hill & Hill, Attorneys for Queens Bay Limited
DATE: 26th May, 2011


Clearing of the site for the proposed construction of Antigua’s newest exclusive condominium development consisting of 27 villas and hotel has been completed at Mosquito Cove. The proposed development to be named Queens Beach Club is being undertaken by Queens Bay Limited whose shareholders are from Holland.

Upon the completion of the layout of the plans of the site the application for the approval of the construction will be submitted to the Environmental Division. The proposal intends to satisfy the full range of demands and environmental concerns made by the Environmental Division in relation to the density of the project, the capability of the waste water management and disposal systems and the construction of a retaining wall.

The Developer is fully committed to the development of a project which is environmentally friendly and satisfies all of the concerns and requirements of the Environmental Division.