Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calm seas and nice conditions

I know my friends in North America don't need to hear this but the weather here couldn't be better at the moment. During the week i had the worst cold ever and it seemed that the weather was also "cold" and miserable for a few days. That has all changed very quickly and today was so nice that Roddy, Guili and I decided to go sailing up to Falmouth Harbour. We took a fishing rod and sailed straight out to see towards Guadeloupe which was just visible through the haze. We didn't get a bite but had a lovely sail up the coast. In Falmouth the harbour was full of mega yachts along the docks i suppose because charters are slow.
Our Eco Tour for tomorrow filled up with local people catching the deal we offered which is very nice of them. Thanks to you all!
Captain JD and Captain Tony will be on the boat with Trevor so it will be a great team out there. I will be sailing the Ocean Nomad back from Falmouth because after a few espresso martinis at Skullduggeries we decided to leave her there for the night. I hope that it warms up for you guys up north but if not you are all still welcome back here in sunny Antigua!