Monday, June 11, 2007

Making a new brochure...wanna help?

Today i am making a new brochure for the Xtreme -round the island Tour.
The brochure will cover two different tours around antigua on our faster boat Xtreme. One of the tours will be making a stop at the Stingray City Marine Park where our partners take us on a tour of their big off shore aquarium filled with rays and other exotic life. The other tour is the same round the island trip substituting The Marine Park with a extra snorkeling stop near bird island.
Anyway, if you would like to help design a brochure or at least help me pick some good photos that would interest would be guests then have a look at the current brochure which folds into three in an upright. It is seen folded out flat below. The first photo is of the front (outer fold):

and the second is the inside fold:

I want to change the front more than anything and am thinking about putting several photos on the front far right fold. Then goto this Flickr link: and on the top row on the right hand side there is a box titled "photos related to my job" on that and there are 100 photos that we can pick from to use on the new brochure. After you have found one that you like, copy the url and paste it into the comment section below this post. There is a comment verification email that i have to approve (so that we dont get porn crap on this blog) and then your pick or picks will be listed below this blog entry. IT can be fun. The point is that we are trying to get the best possible photos that will help generate more interest in this tour. I think its an excellent tour which just hasn't had as many people try it as we have had on the eco tour. By offering another version of the same tour to this new brochure, we will be able to offer it at a better rate. Anyway, thanks for the help. The top photo is of some of the crew after coming in from Fridays tours. Eli