Sunday, January 17, 2010

Eathquake relief info for Haiti here in Antigua

Many people emailed us and called us wanting to find out if Antigua received any of the effects from the quake that destroyed much of Haiti main city. We were far away enough not to feel anything at all. In fact we are about as far from Haiti as the US mainland, but as is the case in most countries the sadness has been felt here too. There have been numerous funraisers organized and plenty of info about how to help the vitims in Haiti is available. People here know that it could have happened to them and there is quite a bit of empathy for the Haitian people. There is a big event next weekend in English Harbour which we have donated to and hopefully will be helping out with. I hope to see you there.

Great event at Nelson's Dockyard on SATURDAY January 23rd. Lots of bands playing and much fun guaranteed, all for a good cause.

We need to make much money to help people in Haiti.


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